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We live to eat, and we really love to eat in the street! The Singing Pineapple Catering company have two main offerings we can bring to your event - The Dog House - our gourmet Hot Dog hut, and new for late 2016, The Pizza Box, our wood fired pizza shack.

We can pitch our hut anywhere (Within a 50 mile radius of Huddersfield), in any weather, on most terrains. Indoor or outdoor catering, the choice is yours. We cater for events from a small private party, to corporate/staff events, weddings, fayres, markets and festivals. We can tailor our menu to suit your event and also offer price per head fixed menus for those who need to plan in advance.

The Dog house

Hot dogs! Who doesn't love a naughty hotdog? Our hotdogs are slightly more virtuous than most though. We source only the best sausages, from small independent producers whose love for their product matches our passion for eating it. We toured Yorkshire inspecting sausages...and we think we found the best.

Eating hot dogs at the dog house

A good sausage is a beautiful thing, garnished with the right accompaniments it can be absolute bliss - a complete meal in a bun. The Singing Pineapple Catering Company created the dog house to house the best dogs in town. Allow us to introduce you to our joy in a hot dog bun. We spent such a long time (and it was so arduous doing all the sampling) sourcing the perfect bun to accompany our bangers. We then moved on to the sausages themselves: best German beef frankfurter - check, whole hog pure Yorkshire succulent sausage - from Olley and Olley, a sausage endorsed by Rick Stein! check, a bit of variety with a cheeky guest sausage - check! No nasties, no additives, all good wholesome love in a bun. Check.

Then it was back to the drawing board to make sure we could share the Dog House with everyone. So, we created the Virtuous Dog, a beautiful combination of cheese, leeks, herbs and joy...just for our Vegetarian friends. We also had our local artisan sausage maker conjure up an entirely gluten free pork sausage to go with a lovely fluffy gluten free bun...those with gluten allergies can eat here. 

Then...to the toppings. Because all good dogs need a good covering! We created our own house relishes and chutneys, got our chilli groove on and caramelised heaps of onions. Add some crunchy jalapeños and cheese, just because we could. The result...hot dog perfection!

So join us, let us share the love!

A lovely hot dog

The Yorkie Dog

Succulent Yorkshire pork sausage slathered in sautéed onions, dressed with homemade spicy tomato relish and dollops of sweet corn relish. Delish.

The Yankee Dog

Prime beechwood smoked german beef frankfurter spiked with paprika and nutmeg, decorated with our speciality mustard, sauerkraut and shaved onion. Nom nom.

The Virtuous Dog

Hand rolled homemade vegetarian sausage perfectly formed from a scrumptious combination of cheese and leeks. Nestled in a toasted bun, decorated with our cucumber and dill relish. Add onions, if that floats your boat. Naughty but nice.

The Dirty Dog

Sizzling locally sourced pork sausage served with caramelised onion, smothered in our signature chilli, jalapeños and lashings of Monterey jack cheese.


Nachos loaded with our house chilli con carne, homemade salsa, jalapeños and Monterey jack cheese. Arriba!

The Pedigree Dog

A carefully sourced guest sausage, with a delightful combination of our house relishes and chutney. We also add a sprinkle of cheese and magic.

Cupcakes, Cakes and...bakes

A bunch of cupcakes

Pudding! Any day is better finished off with one of our decadent cupcakes, we make a Chocolate Heaven Cupcake that's so chocolatey and gooey you may just want to marry us. Both of us... Or for a zingy, zesty treat there's always our Lemon Drizzle Cupcake oozing lemony goodness and crowned with a special buttercream full of our own handmade lemon curd (because when is there too much lemon? Never!)

Cupcakes aren't all we bake. We love to experiment and always carry a selection of the results, from tray bakes, loaves, pastries and Parkin. For weddings and special events we can customise your cake to reflect your theme or desired menu. We specialise in catering for allergies, any recipe can and will be adapted to suit your needs.


The Dog House

To hire £450

Three hour service. Hosts selection of sausages. 80 people, hotdogs, cakes, chilli and nachos. All served from Dog House in location of choice. Within a 50 mile radius of Huddersfield.

The Pizza Box

To hire - standard starting price; £550.00 which includes the following:

A maximum of 60 x regular (10 inch) pizzas which are hand made for each individual guest as they choose the topping of their choice from the menu;

or -

A maximum of 30 x Large 14'' pizzas to serve to guests - plenty for 2 people to share each pizza;

or -

A service of 30 x 14'' pizzas cut in to slices and served on pizza boards for your guest to help themselves to slices of pizzas. (additional £30.00 cost due to increased staffing requirements for this type of service)

* Menu is selected by you. (up to 4 different pizzas)

Cupcakes (up to sixty) in the two flavours of your choice.

We also cater for funerals and corporate events. We offer a buffet menu tailored to your event from 12.95 per head (minimum amount of guests = 35). Sample menus available.

Festivals...contact us with your requirements.

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We operate within a 50 mile radius of Huddersfield.